Sewer Plumbing Services in Franklin Square, NY

Trailblazer Plumbing is a trusted plumbing service in Franklin Square, NY that offers sewer cleaning for stoppages and issues inside the home. Many times, the problems you see in your home come from problems in the sewer. We provide these services to combat those issues:

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Sewer Cleaning

We can use an advanced system with water and air to clean your sewage system so that you can have your plumbing back to the way it should be. Contact us and schedule an appointment for us to inspect or perform tests on the system. Once we pinpoint the issue, we can move forward and provide our sewer cleaning services if we deem it necessary.

Hydro Jetting

Our hydro jetting service blasts through clogs with pressure water and frees up lines so that sewage and water can flow freely. You may need this service, and we can provide it for you for a reasonable price.


A poor pipe installation or worn or broken pipes can create a need for repiping. Our trained and certified professionals can install new pipes or reroute existing pipes if we find that such issues exist in your setup.

Additional Services

We have some additional services if you need help with other aspects of plumbing. For example, we can assist with your hot water heater if you’re having an issue. We can recommend which heater you should be using in your home so that you can upgrade to a better system. We can also install new fixtures. Thus, we can act as inspectors, problem solvers, advisors, and repair experts.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice about something you’re not sure about. You should also not feel that you can’t ask us for a quote. Request a quote anytime you like, and we’ll give it to you and allow you to choose whether to accept it. If yes, we’ll be more than happy to provide our services for you.

The most effective way to contact us is by calling our dedicated number. That number is 516-402-9213. Don’t forget that we provide emergency services for all of our customers. Thus, you can feel comfortable dialing us any time of the day or night. Don’t leave your plumbing problems to just anyone. Call Trailblazer Plumbing and get it taken care of properly the first time.

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