Bathroom Plumbing Services in Franklin Square, NY

Trailblazer Plumbing can assist with problems in your Franklin Square, NY bathroom. A huge number of plumbing issues start in the bathroom and expand to other areas of the home or office. If not tended to, these problems can cause additional issues and the need for more expensive services. These are some of the bathroom plumbing problems we can help with:

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Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are one of the most common plumbing problems we come across. They occur for various reasons, such as toys and other objects being flushed. Using too much toilet tissue or using the wrong kind can cause the same problem. Furthermore, some individuals put items in the toilet that don’t belong there.

When a problem like that arises, you can contact us to dislodge the clog. We have the advanced equipment to take care of such problems promptly. For example, we could use snaking techniques or hydro jetting in the worst scenario. The need for hydro jetting stems from a severe clog in the sewage line. The process uses pressurized water to force-break clogs in the lines we can’t dislodge otherwise.

Showers and Their Drains

We can help if you have an issue with your shower drain, shower body, or the pipes that lead to your shower system. Old and worn shower heads and damaged pipes can cause issues in your shower areas. You might also experience drain clogging because of hair and other items getting stuck in the system. Don’t worry about those problems because we can help you with them as well.

Water Heater Service

We can assist with your water heater if you find that it’s not heating your water the way it should be. We’re experienced in maintenance and repair, and we can also advise you about the best heaters to use in your home.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes can leak because of aging and corrosion and create a heap of issues. These problems can cause your water bill to increase and create mold and mildew, which can cause your family members to have health and allergy complications. Please allow us to help with this problem by reaching out by telephone. We can assess the symptoms and offer you the most economical solution. We’ll also provide top-quality care when providing our services.

Broken Pipes

A broken pipe can damage your floors and foundation quickly. When such issues arise, you need someone who can help right away. Don’t hesitate to dial our number and let us give you the emergency plumbing services you need. We can also assist with issues in other areas of the home. Just call us and tell us what you require. We’ll get over to your home or office quickly and start working on your plumbing right away.

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